The Life and Times of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt: A Study in the Origin of the Roman Empire


Arthur E. P. Brome Weigall (Editor)

Series: Historical Figures
BISAC: HIS002030

This book, originally published in 1914, is a unique telling of the life of Cleopatra. The author, a well-learned historian of his time, offers a truer glimpse of the queen if we can rid ourselves of the influence of any one period and ignore that aspect of morality that has developed in us by contact with the age in which we live. Good and evil are relative qualities defined largely by public opinion, and it must always be remembered that certain things considered good and evil today may have the acceptance and denunciation of yesterday and tomorrow. The author does not presume to offer an apology for the much-maligned Queen, but he describes the events of her troubled life fairly. The actions of Cleopatra will, without any particular advocacy, assume a character that is no uglier than that of every other actor in the strange drama surrounding her life.


Table of Contents

Part I. —Cleopatra and Cæsar
Chapter 1. An Introductory Study of the Character of Cleopatra
Chapter 2. The City of Alexandria
Chapter 3. The Birth and Early Years of Cleopatra
Chapter 4. The Death of Pompey and the Arrival of Cæsar in Egypt
Chapter 5. Caius Julius Cæsar
Chapter 6. Cleopatra and Cæsar in the Besieged Palace at Alexandria
Chapter 7. The Birth of Cæsarion and Cæsar’s Departure from Egypt
Chapter 8. Cleopatra and Cæsar in Rome
Chapter 9. The Foundations of the Egypto-Roman Monarchy
Chapter 10. The Death of Cæsar and the Return of Cleopatra to Egypt

Part II. —Cleopatra and Antony
Chapter 11. The Character of Antony and his Rise to Power
Chapter 12. The Alliance between Cleopatra and Antony
Chapter 13. Cleopatra and Antony in Alexandria
Chapter 14. The Alliance Renewed between Cleopatra and Antony
Chapter 15. The Preparations of Cleopatra and Antony for the Overthrow of Octavian
Chapter 16. The Decline of Antony’s Power
Chapter 17. The Battle of Actium and the Flight to Egypt
Chapter 18. Cleopatra’s Attempt to Begin Again
Chapter 19. Octavian’s Invasion of Egypt and the Death of Antony
Chapter 20. The Death of Cleopatra and the Triumph of Octavian

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