Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on “Physics, Mechanics of New Materials and Their Applications”


Ivan A. Parinov (Editor)
Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Shun-Hsyung Chang, Ph.D. (Editor)
Southern Federal University, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Vijay K. Gupta (Editor)
PDPM Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Professor, Madhya Pradesh, India

Series: Physics Research and Technology
BISAC: SCI055000

Advanced materials and composites play a very important role in prospective directions of modern science and technology, defining the quick development of technique and industry. Intense chemical, physical, and mechanical R&D of modern numerical approaches and methods of mathematical modeling are necessary for development and improvement of material properties. These PHENMA 2017 Proceedings are devoted to the development and solution seeking of different actual problems into a framework of the pointed research directions.

The book presents new results of internationally recognized scientific teams in the fields of materials science, physics, mechanics, manufacturing techniques and technologies of advanced materials, operating in diapasons from the nanometer level to the macroscopic level. The proposed theoretical and experimental methods are devoted to new approaches and methods for fabrication of nanomaterials, (environmentally-friendly) piezoelectrics, magnetic and other advanced materials and composites.

In particular, this book presents new results of theoretical and experimental analysis of advanced materials and devices with previously given and improved characteristics, developed on the basis of methods of electric elasticity and physics of condensed matter. Our results cover numerical approaches (in particular, finite-element, finite-difference and boundary-element modeling) developed on the basis of original computer software, demonstrating new fascinating results for advanced materials and devices. The developed materials with special properties and novel devices demonstrate higher and improved properties in comparison with corresponding characteristics of the competitive publications. In the result, it gives a new knowledge, which is necessary for numerous applications. The developed theoretical, computational and test methods, manufactured experimental devices and setups possess significant possibilities and demonstrate improvements in the study of various structure-sensitive properties of solids and media. This collection presents selected reports of the 2017 International Conference on Physics, Mechanics of New Materials and Their

Applications (PHENMA 2017, October 14-16, 2017, Jabalpur, India),;
This book is addressed to students, post-graduate students, scientists and engineers that are studying and developing a new generation of nanomaterials and nanostructures, piezoelectrics and magnetic materials, other promising materials, and also various devices, manufactured on their base and intended for numerous applications in various regions of science, technique and technology. This book presents new investigations and scientific results in condensed matter physics, materials science, physical and mechanical experiments, processing techniques and engineering of nanomaterials, piezoelectrics, ferromagnetics and other advanced materials and composites, numerical methods, and various promising applications (including industrial) and developed devices.


Table of Contents


Part 1. Processing Techniques

Chapter 1. Supported K2PdCl4/C and H2PdCl4/C Catalysts for Acetylene Hydrochlorination: Study of the Surface
(T.V. Krasnyakova, D.V. Nikitenko, A.V. Pavlenko, Yu. I. Yurasov, A.A. Pavelko and S.A. Mitchenko)

Chapter 2. Graphite Nitrate Cointercalation Compounds as Promising Sources of Carbon Nanomaterials
(M.V. Savoskin, A.N. Vdovichenko, E.V. Raksha, Yu.V. Berestneva, V.Yu. Vishnevskij, A.P. Prudchenko, V.A. Glazunova, K.P. Andryushin and Yu. I. Yurasov)

Chapter 3. Low-Temperature Technology to Manufacture Powders of Lead-Containing Phases of the Oxygen-Octahedral Type
(A .A. Nesterov and E. A. Panich)

Chapter 4. Use of Chelate Complexes of Lead (II) in Technologies on Synthesis of Ultradisperse Powders of Phases with the Perovskite-Type Structure
(A. A. Nesterov, M. I. Tolstunov and E. A. Panich)

Chapter 5. On the Formation of Phase States: The Isomorphism and Macro Responses of Niobates Alkali Metals
(L. A. Reznichenko, L. A. Shilkina, S. I. Dudkina, O.N. Razumovskaya, G.A. Gegusina, N.V. Dergunova, I.N. Andryushina, K.P. Andryushin, A.G. Abubakarov, T.N. Sorokun and S. A. Mitchenko)

Chapter 6. Peculiarities and Technological Principles of Production of Ferroelectric Ceramic Materials Based on Alkali Metals Niobates
(S. V. Titov, I. A. Verbenko, V. V. Titov, L. A. Shilkin and L.A. Reznichenko)

Chapter 7. Modification Effects of Multi-Component Ferro-active Media Based on Sodium-Kalium Columbate
(A. G. Abubakarov, Kh. A. Sadykov, I. A. Verbenko, L. A. Reznichenko, L.A. Shilkina and A.V. Pavlenko)

Chapter 8. Effects of the Heterovalent Modification of the Solid Solutions Based on Sodium Niobate
(L. A. Reznichenko, L. A. Shilkina, S. I. Dudkina, I.N. Andryushina, K.P. Andryushin, O. N. Razumovskaya, V.A. Chernyshkov, A.G. Abubakarov, T.N. Sorokun and S. A. Mitchenko)

Chapter 9. Phase Formation of Perovskite-like Layered Compounds in the System NaNbO3 – Ca(Sr)2Nb2O7
(T. N. Sorokun, L. A. Shilkina, J. Y. Zubarev, S. I. Dudkina, L. A. Reznichenko and Yu. I. Yurasov)

Chapter 10. Methods of Rise in Unipolarity of Strongly Doped Lithium Niobate Crystals without External Electric Field
(M. N. Palatnikov, N. V. Sidorov, O. V. Makarova, D. V. Ivanenko and D. V. Manukovskaya)

Chapter 11. Influence of the Charge Dispersity on Ceramic Lithium Niobate Properties
(V. V. Efremov, O. B. Shcherbina, S. M. Masloboeva and M. N. Palatnikov)

Chapter 12. Statistical Separation of Photoinduced Light Scattering Layers in LiNbO3 Crystals
(D. V. Manukovskaya, N. V. Sidorov and M. N. Palatnikov)

Chapter 13. Formation of (1-x)BiFeO3 – xPbFeO3 Solid Solutions
(A. G. Rudskaya, S. P. Kubrin, N. M. Teslenko, A. V. Shevchuk, Yu. V. Kabirov, A. B. Nazarenko, N. M. Novikovsky, M. F. Kupriyanov and A. V. Pavlenko)

Chapter 14. Non-Stoichiometry Control of the YBCO High-Temperature Superconductor
(A. Surahman, S. N. Antipov, Yu. V. Kabirov, K. G. Abdulvakhidov, M. F. Kupriyanov, A. G. Rudskaya, A. G. Abubakarov and Yu. I. Yurasov)

Chapter 15. Influence of the Sintering Temperature on the Structure and Dielectric Properties of Magnetoelectric Composites
(M. V. Talanov, L. A. Shilkina, N. P. Shabel’skaya, V. M. Talanov and L. A. Reznichenko)

Chapter 16. Conditions of Formation and Protective Properties of Phase Organic Films
(S. P. Shpanko, E. N. Sidorenko, E. A. Ashikhina, O. N. Zhukovskaja and H. R. Lekhterov)

Chapter 17. Using Eggshells as an Additive in Concrete Mixes
(R. Nurul and S. Bantot)

Chapter 18. Change in Dimension of Casted Al-Bottom Ash Coal Composite after T6 Heat Treatment
(P. Slamet and A. Ridhoi)

Part 2. Physics

Chapter 19. First Principle Investigations for the Spintronic Properties of Chlorine Functionalized Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbons
(Neeraj K. Jaiswal)

Chapter 20. An Implementation Study of Porous Ti6Al4V Scaffold Design Based on Unit Cell Architecture and Porosity
(P. Athanker and A.K. Singh)

Chapter 21. The Behavior of Nonlinear Dielectric Response in SBN:61 with Modifying Addition Co under the Influence Optical Range Illumination
(K. P. Guzhakovskaya, A.I. Burkhanov and L.I. Ivleva)

Chapter 22. Research of the CNx: Eu203 Layer
(V. V. Sviridov, E. I. Shemchenko, Yu. I. Yurasov and A.V. Pavlenko)

Chapter 23. Physical and Chemical Properties of Phase Films Based on the Heterocyclic Compound Modified with Bromine Anions
(E.N. Sidorenko, S. P. Shpanko, K. G. Abdulvakhidov, L. E. Kuznetsova and А. V. Mikhailishin)

Chapter 24. Phase Transition Fatigue in Industrial Materials PCR-13 and PCR-80
(I. N. Andryushina, K. P. Andryushin, Yu. I. Yurasov, A. V. Nagaenko and L.A. Reznichenko)

Chapter 25. Cyclity of Electrophysical Parameters in Industrial Materials of PCR-13 and PCR-80
(I. N. Andryushina, K. P. Andryushin, I. A. Verbenko, L. A. Shilkina and L. A. Reznichenko)

Chapter 26. The UHF Energy Absorbtion Spectra of Hard Ferroelectric Piezoceramics PCR-13
(E. N. Sidorenko, V. G. Gavrilyatchenko, I. I. Natkhin, T. I. Debelova and D. V. Kolodko)

Chapter 27. Structure and Properties of A3NbO7 (A = La, Bi, Y) Compounds
(S. Shimanyanga, Yu. V. Kabirov, L. V. Nazarenko, A. G. Rudskaya, M. F. Kupriyanov, A.G. Abubakarov and Yu. I. Yurasov)

Chapter 28. Ferro Ceramic Based on the Niobate of Alkali Metals under Thermal Impacts: Features of Piezoelectric Properties
(K. P. Andryushin, I. N. Andryushina, L. A. Shilkina and L. A. Reznichenko)

Chapter 29. Microstructure and Electrical Conductivity of Solid Solutions of Binary Systems (1-x)NaNbO3 – xSr2Nb2O7
(J. Y. Zubarev, A. V.Nazarenko, Y. I. Yurasov and L. A. Reznichenko)

Chapter 30. Phase x-Diagram and Electrical Conductivity of Solid Binary System Solutions (1 – х)NаNbO3 – xCa2Nb2O7
(J. Y. Zubarev, L. A. Shilkina, Y. I. Yurasov and L. A. Reznichenko)

Chapter 31. Complex Electrophysical Parameters of Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramics Based on Lithium-Sodium Niobates Solid Solutions
(E. I. Petrova, М. А. Lugovaya, N. A. Shvetsova, L. А. Reznichenko and А. N. Rybyanets)

Chapter 32. Physical Effects in Niobates of Sodium and Lithium, Due to Their Crystal-Chemical Peculiar Properties
(L. A. Reznichenko, A. V. Turik, V. A Chernyshkov, L. A. Shilkina, S. I. Dudkina, I.N. Andryushina, K. P. Andryushin, A. G. Abubakarov, T. N. Sorokun and V. A. Gritskikh)
Chapter 33. Is Isomorphism in the Binary System Pb1-xBaxTiO3 Possible?
(L. A. Shilkina, S. I. Shevtsova, M. V. Talanov. P. G. Grin, L. A. Reznichenko and S. I. Dudkina)

Chapter 34. Influence of the MnO2 Modification on the Dielectric Characteristics of the Binary System of Solid Solutions (1x)BiFeO3xBaTiO3
(N. A. Boldyrev, L. A. Shilkina, A. V. Nazarenko, L. A. Reznichenko and A. V. Pavlenko)

Chapter 35. Structure and Dielectric Responses of Solid Solutions of the Ternary System (Bi1-x-yPbx+y)(Fe1-x/2-yTiyNbx/2)O3: Part 1
(N. A. Boldyrev, E. V. Glazunova, L. A. Shilkina, A. V. Nazarenko, L. A. Reznichenko and A. V. Pavlenko)

Chapter 36. Structure and Dielectric Responses of Solid Solutions of the Ternary System (Bi1-x-yPbx+y)(Fe1-x/2-yTiyNbx/2)O3: Part 2
(E. V. Glazunova, N. A. Boldyrev, A. V. Nazarenko, L. A. Shilkina, L. A. Reznichenko and A. V. Pavlenko)

Chapter 37. An X-Ray Study on the Computer Elaboration of Structure Order/Disorder in Pb-Containing Complex Perovskites with the Relaxor Ferroelectric Properties at Low Temperatures
(A. R. Lebedinskaya and N.G. Kasparova)

Chapter 38. Microstructural Peculiarites and Electrophysical Characteristics of Ceramomatrix Composites (“Ceramics-Crystal”)
(M. А. Lugovaya, I. A. Shvetsov, Е. I. Petrova, D. I. Makarev and А.N. Rybyanets)

Chapter 39. A Study of SAW Reflections from IDT, Loaded on Impedance of Zinc Oxide Film Changing via UV Radiation
(G. Ya. Karapetyan, V. E. Kaydashev, M. E. Kutepov, T. A. Minasyan and E. M. Kaidashev)

Chapter 40. The Method of Determining Parameters of Transparent Films on Transparent Substrates Based on the Results of Ellipsometric Measurements
(V. A. Gritskikh, A. L. Davidova, S. V. Kara-Murza, N. V. Korchikova, T. V. Krasnyakova, A. A. Tikhii, A. V. Pavlenko, B. Ya. Sevastyanov and V. V. Burrhovetsky)

Chapter 41. Surface Contamination of the Solar Cell Affects the Conversion of Solar Energy to Electrical Energy
(Ahmad Ridho’i)

Part 3. Mechanics

Chapter 42. The Influence of Structural Parameters and Boundary Conditions on the Sound Radiation of the Cylindrical Shell of Fibrous Composite Material with Polymer Matrix
(V.G. Safronenko)

Chapter 43. Mechanics of Acoustic Wave Splitting and Guiding Using a Combination of Different Unit Cells in a Sonic Crystal
(K. Mohapatra and D.P. Jena)

Chapter 44. Mechanics of Destruction of Metal-Ceramic Nanocomposite Coatings during Liquid-Droplet Impact Loading
(V. N. Varavka, O. V. Kudryakov, I. Yu. Zabiyaka and V. A. Irkha)

Chapter 45. Thermal Mechanical Analysis of Nuclear Fuel Rod Cladding on the Basis of a Safety Aspect with Respect to Hydrogen Distribution
(R. Ruban, Tanuja Sheorey and Gautam Dutta)

Chapter 46. Prediction of Fatigue Crack Path in Rails under Thermo-Mechanical Loading
(Aditi Singh and S. K. Rathore)

Chapter 47. Volume Fraction Optimization under Steady State Heat Conduction in Ni-Al2O3 FGM Composites by Minimizing the Residual Stresses
(Mrinal Gautam and S. K. Rathore)

Chapter 48. Study of Thermoelastic Stresses in Film-Sapphire Structure during Laser Annealing
(S. P. Malyukov, Yu. V. Klunnikova, J. Kajan, T. H. Buy, A. V. Sayenko and D. A. Bondarchuk)

Chapter 49. A Mathematical Model of Extruding Biopolymer Material in Single-Screw Extruder
(V. I. Pakhomov, S. V. Braginez, D. V. Rudoy, A. N. Soloviev, I. A. Khozyaev and D. A. Yakovlev)

Chapter 50. Displacement Transmissibility Based Parameter Identification of PDMS Using a Genetic Algorithm
(Shubham Agarwal, Arun Kumar Sharma, Rituparna Datta and Bishakh Bhattacharya)

Chapter 51. Stability of Harmonic Loading from the Perspective of the Kinetic Strength Theory of Bodies
(I. A. Khozyaev, A. N. Soloviev, D. V. Rudoy, V. I. Pahomov, W.-F. Wang and S.-H. Chang)

Chapter 52. Analysis of the Effects of Drilling Hole in the Structural Steel Welding
(B. Srinivas, Muralimohan Cheepu, Apireddi Shiva, D. Venkateswarlu and Woo-Seong Che)

Chapter 53. Determination of Pitting Failure of Helical Gears Using Wear Debris Analysis
(Ranjeet Singh, R. B. Sharma and Anoop Sindhu)

Part 4. Applications

Chapter 54. Smart Reconfigurable Parabolic Space Antenna for Variable Electromagnetic Patterns
(S. Kalra, V. Bhope, V. R. Singh, B. Bhattacharya and B. S. Munjal)

Chapter 55. Memristive Switching of Strained Nanotubes and Nanorods for Advanced Memory Elements
(M. V. Ili’na, R. V. Tominov, O. I. Il’in, Yu. F. Blinov, V. A. Smirnov and O. A. Ageev)

Chapter 56. Design and Study of a High Performance CO Sensor Based on ZnO Nanowires
(A. L. Nikolaev, A. S. Kamencev, N. V. Lyanguzov, V. V. Petrov and E. M. Kaidashev)

Chapter 57. Features of Designs of Ultraviolet Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors Based on ZnO Films and Nanoelements
(V. G. Dneprovski, E. M. Kaidashev and G. Y. Karapetyan)

Chapter 58. Issues Concerning High Power Surface Acoustic Wave Filters
(A. S. Bagdasaryan, V. G. Dneprovski, G. Y. Karapetyan and I. A. Parinov)

Chapter 59. Enhanced Sensitivity of SAW UV Photo-Detector Based on Multiple Acoustic Reflections
(M. E. Kutepov, G. Y. Karapetyan, V. E. Kaydashev, D. A. Zhilin and E. M. Kaidashev)

Chapter 60. A Solution to the Inverse Problem of a Uniform Thermal Field on the Susceptor Surface in a Vapor-Phase Epitaxy Reactor with Induction Heating
(A. A. Zhilenkov)

Chapter 61. Finite-Element Simulation and Experimental Study of Focusing Cylindrical Piezoelectric Transducers
(S. A. Scherbinin, I. A. Shvetsov, N. A. Shvetsova, D. I. Makarev and A. N. Rybyanets)

Chapter 62. Numerical Simulation and Optimization of Acoustic Fields and Designs of High Intensity Focusing Ultrasound Transducers
(I. A. Shvetsov, S. A. Scherbinin, E. I. Petrova, N. A. Shvetsova and A. N. Rybyanets)

Chapter 63. Wideband Bandpass Filter with Dual Notched Bands Based on Short-Stub Loaded Stepped Impedance Resonators
(Shih-Fong Chao and Che-You Kuo)

Chapter 64. The Development of a Hydrophone Array Applied to Novel DOA Technology for Underwater Sensing
(Jeng-Cheng Liu, Yuang-Tung Cheng, Hsien-Sen Hung and Shun-Hsyung Chang)

Chapter 65. FBMC-Based Underwater Transmission Scheme for Voice Signals
(Chin-Feng Lin, Yi-Tai Hung, Shun-Hsyung Chang, Ivan A. Parinov and S. N. Shevtsov)

Chapter 66. The Use of Inertial MEMS Modules in the Human-Machine Interface of the System of Human Postures Recognition and Movements Capturing
(A. A. Zhilenkov and D. Denk)
Part 5. Industry and Management

Chapter 67. Performance Evaluation Using a DEA-Multipliers Model: A Case Study of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Thailand
(Erni Puspanantasari Putri and Danaipong Chetchotsak)

Chapter 68. Improving Competitive Business Advantages of Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries in Indonesia
(Erni Puspanantasari Putri and Muslimin Abdulrahim)

Chapter 69. Activity-Based Management Model Change Order to Improve Project Cost Performance for Building Construction in Surabaya City
(B. Witjaksana)

Chapter 70. Why Have Ceramic Building Materials Recently Dominated in Interior Design in Surabaya, Indonesia?
(Uniek Praptiningrum, W. and Joko Santosa)

Chapter 71. A Comparative Study of Ready Mix Concrete Cost with Concrete Cast in Situ
(R. Marleno and W. Oetomo)

Chapter 72. Diversvication of Alternative Energy Raw Materials for Home Industries
(D. Y. Rakhmawati, M. Singgih, Muhyin and S. M. Khoiroh)

Chapter 73. Sustainable Alternative Energy Composition for Domestic Industries: A Case Study of Indonesia
(D. Y. Rakhmawati, R. A. R. Hastijanti, Muhyin and P. E. D. K. Wati)

Chapter 74. A Household Wastewater Treatment Management Case Study in Barata Jaya Village, Surabaya, Indonesia
(D. Y. Rakhmawati and A. P. Armin)

Chapter 75. Hydraulic Analysis of Clean Water Distribution Systems in the Rural Area of Nogosari Pacitan
(Djoko Sasono Supardi)

Chapter 76. Implementing a Water Controller System Using Microcontroller Arduino and the Application System (Based on the Visual Basic Version 2010) to Control the Water Volume in All Boarders
(Ahmad Habib, Khoirul Hikam and Agus Darwanto)

Chapter 77. About the Course of Creation of Information and Analytical System of Environmental Monitoring and Control
(V. I. Reshnyak, S. S. Sokolov, A. A. Zhilenkov, T. V. Storchak and Ya. N. Tihomirov)

Chapter 78. Calculation of Malaria Parasite Segmentation Accuracy Using Hausdorff Distance Measurements
(Dwi Harini Sulistyawati, Geri Kusnanto and Puteri Noraisya Primandari)

Chapter 79. A Literature Study of Biomass as a form of Bioenergy in Indonesia
(W. Widiasih, R. Koesdijarto and H. Nuha)

Chapter 80. A Comparison of the Particle Swarm Optimization-Support Vector and Cross Entropy-Support Vector Machines in Predicting Financial Distress
(Muslimin Abdulrahim Herlina and Handy Febri Satoto)

Chapter 81. Adaptive Algorithm of Optimal Variant Choice for the Error Detection System Based on the Authenticity Criteria
(O. A. Purchina, A.Y. Poluyan, D.D. Fugarov, S.B. Petrenkova and I.D. Tkachuk)

Chapter 82. A Parallel Bioinspiral Search for Task Solutions about the Extremal Path
(O. A. Purchina, A. Y. Poluyan, D. D. Fugarov, S. B. Petrenkova and I. D. Tkachuk)


Keywords: Advanced materials and composites with special properties, theory, experiment, physical and computer modeling, nano-, micro- and macrostructure, phase composition, manufacture, structure-sensitive properties, physical-mechanical properties, applications, industry, management

The book can ground some University special courses in the fields of Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science, Physical and Mechanical Experiment, Processing Techniques and Engineering of Nanomaterials, Piezoelectrics, other Advanced Materials and Composites, Numerical Methods and also different applications, developed devices and products. Researchers, engineers, students, post-graduate students and their teachers, scientists and engineers, taking part in R&D of nanomaterials and structures, piezoelectrics and ferromagnetics, other advanced materials and promising devices can discovery many interesting methods, approaches and results, obtained by modern science. The presented processing technologies, materials and applications could be interesting for industries. The presented approaches, methods and models of management are important for corresponding scientific and educational directions.

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