Analysis and Evaluation of Communication Performance in a Real Time Industrial Fieldbus


Geng Liang
School of Control and Computer Engineering, North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China

Wen Li
Research and Development Center, Beijing GUODIAN ZHISHEN Control Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing, China

Dazhong Li
Automation Department, North China Electric Power University, (Baoding), Baoding, China

Series: Computer Science, Technology and Applications
BISAC: COM043040

This book provides comprehensive research on the communication performance of a real time industrial fieldbus. Several important topics were investigated, such as how to ensure the transmission of real-time messages within a maximum bound time along the industrial fieldbus mentioned in this book. Profibus, FF, WorldFIP and CAN are all well-proved solutions for real-time communication systems, based on a simplified timed token (TT) protocol and bus scheduling. The following subjects dealing with the real-time communication performance of an industrial fieldbus were investigated and studied in this book.
1) Concept and essentiality of timed-token MAC protocol with the effect of its parameter in real-time characteristics.
2) MAC mechanism in Profibus, timing analysis, optimization of acyclic bandwidth allocation, and the approaches to guarantee the real-time behavior of the Profibus protocol.
3) Principles of acyclic data communication, and analysis of the delay performance of time-critical and time-available data in FF fieldbus data link layer token-passing service.
4) Communication models in WorldFIP network, Producer/Distributor/Consumer concept, response time analysis for sporadic traffic and investigation of the worst-case response time issues.
5) Communication mechanism in CAN fieldbus with its performance analysis and evaluation in real-time applications.

The academic level of this book is relatively high and professional. It is suitable as a reference for university graduates, lecturers and researchers. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. General Introduction

Chapter 2. Real Time Communication Characteristics with the Timed-Token MAC Protocol

Chapter 3. Analysis and Evaluation of Real-time Communication Using Profibus Networks

Chapter 4. Performance Analysis of Data Communication with its Improvement in FF Fieldbus

Chapter 5. Transmission and Scheduling of Time Critical Data with WorldFIP Fieldbus in Industrial Application

Chapter 6. Analysis and Evaluation of Communication Performance for CAN Fieldbus




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