Advances in Mathematics Research. Volume 23


Albert R. Baswell (Editor)

Series: Advances in Mathematics Research
BISAC: MAT019000

In the opening chapter by Victor Martinez-Luaces, two kinds of matrices related to chemical problems are examined and an outline of their main properties about their eigenvalues is exhibited in order to demonstrate that all the ODE solutions are either stable or asymptotically stable. In chapter two by Ivan Kyrchei, the Cramer rules for the weighted Moore-Penrose solutions of left and right systems of quaternion linear equations are obtained. Next, in chapter three, Tadeusz Antczak showcases numerous sets of saddle point criteria for a new class of nonconvex nonsmooth discrete minimax fractional programing problems. Marcia de F. B. Binelo, Airam T. Z. R. Sausen, Paulo S. Sausen, and Manuel O. Binelo provide a summary of electric mathematical models used for the prediction of batteries charge and discharge behavior in chapter four. In chapter five, general methodology for the precise modeling and performance assessment of launch vehicles dedicated to microsatellites is proposed by M. Pontani, M. Palloney, and P. Teofilattoz. In chapter six, Nodari Vakhania exemplifies ties and relationships among some optimization problems such as scheduling and transportation issues. In chapter seven, a geometry without using points in established by N. L. Bushwick, bringing the book to a close. (Imprint: Nova)


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Matrices in Chemical Problems: Characterization, Properties and Consequences About the Stability of ODE Systems
Victor Martinez-Luaces (Electrochemistry Multidisciplinary Research Group, Faculty of Engineering, UdelaR, Montevideo, Uruguay)

Chapter 2. Determinantal Representations of the Quaternion Weighted Moore-Penrose Inverse and Its Applications
Ivan Kyrchei (Pidstrygach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics (PIAPMM) of NAS of Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine)

Chapter 3. Saddle Points Criteria for a New Class of Nonconvex Nonsmooth Discrete Minimax Fractional Programming Problems
Tadeusz Antczak (Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Lód´z, Lód´z, Poland)

Chapter 4. Battery Charge and Discharge Behavior Prediction Using Electrical Mathematical Models
Marcia de F. B. Binelo, Leonardo B. Motyczka, Airam T. Z. R. Sausen, Paulo S. Sausen, and Manuel O. Binelo (Postgraduate Program in Mathematical Modeling, Regional University of Northwestern Rio Grande do Sul State (UNIJUÍ), Ijuí – RS – Brazil)

Chapter 5. An Accurate Modeling and Performance of Multistage Launch Vehicles for Microsatellites via a Firework Algorithm
M. Pontani, M. Pallone, and P. Teofilatto (Department of Astronautical, Electrical and Energy Engineering, University of Rome ”La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy)

Chapter 6. Ties and Reductions for Some Scheduling and Routing Problems
Nodari Vakhania (Centro de Investigación en Ciencias, UAEMor, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México)

Chapter 7. A Continuous Foundation for Dimension and Analytic Geometry
N. L. Bushwick


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