Advances in Engineering Research. Volume 22


Victoria M. Petrova (Editor)

Series: Advances in Engineering Research
BISAC: TEC000000

Advances in Engineering Research. Volume 22 opens with an illustration of some of the smart functionalities that can be implemented at the very pixel level using heat balanced configuration. The chapter also introduces micro-fabrication CMOS-MEMS technologies suitable for the monolithic integration of such smart infrared detectors. Such smart functions may relieve high level processing from part of the process of consuming image treatments. Following this, the authors provide a comprehensive review of the recent advances in advanced safety technologies and control systems developed for heavy commercial vehicles. After giving the crash statistics on the safety problem associated with heavy vehicles, four typical safety technologies available for reducing crash risks are described and some aspects of future development of advanced safety technologies and control for commercial vehicles are highlighted.

This text also deals with both conversions of industrial and transport buildings for contemporary theatres and contemporary site-specific projects involving industrial sites. Site-specific projects and theatre productions in abandoned industrial sites not only serve a purely aesthetic purpose, but also help to provide information about and protect our industrial heritage along with supporting local communities. The following chapter establishes a standard for loading the air conditioning system and for detecting leaks in trucks, tractors, harvesters, sprayers and construction machines. It also includes tests developed for measuring system performance during end-product audit sessions, with the goal of improving the standards for air conditioning systems in the Latin American market. The goal of the subsequent work is to determine, through the use of a mathematical model (equation) and the graph corresponding to it, each one of the failures that can happen in a rear axle system. This equation could be used for any mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or pneumatic system, and the work is based on a sample where the population is 34,000 units under their warranty from 2004 to 2012. Lastly, graphene is considered as an infinitesimally thin layer characterized by its tensorial surface conductivity that is extracted through the Kubo formula, both for the electrostatic and magnetostatic bias. This two-dimensional material is proven capable of supporting highly confined surface waves at the far-infrared spectrum, in contrast to other conductors, such as the noble metals, which support SPP waves at significantly higher frequencies. Various fundamental and realistic waveguiding setups are thoroughly examined by the authors, taking into account the contribution of the electrostatic and/or magnetostatic bias case.



Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Smart Infrared Resistive Detectors
(Matthieu Denoual, Mathieu Pouliquen, Olivier de Sagazan, Gilles Allègre and Yoshio Mita, GREYC-UMR6072, ENSICAEN, University of Caen, Caen, France, and others)

Chapter 2. Advanced Safety Technologies and Control Systems for Heavy Commercial Vehicles: A Survey
(Bin Li, Tianjun Zhu and Subhash Rakheja, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, and others)

Chapter 3. Projects Involving the Re-Use of Industrial and Transport Buildings for Theatres
(Lenka Popelová, Tomáš Šenberger and Martin Lapšanský, The Department of Architecture, The Czech Technical University in Prague, The Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prague, Czech Republic)

Chapter 4. Controls and Performance Testing of Air Conditioning System
(Gonzalo F. Taboada, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica, Nacional FRC, Córdoba Argentina)

Chapter 5. Reliability Analysis in Truck Rear Axles
(Gonzalo F. Taboada, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional FRC, Córdoba, Argentina)

Chapter 6. Surface Plasmon Polariton Waves on Graphene
(Stamatios A. Amanatiadis and Nikolaos V. Kantartzis, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece)


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