New Review

The Last Farewell Embrace: Spirituality, Near-Death Experiences, and Other Extraordinary Events among Nurses

“For nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners this book is a ‘must-read’. Those who have faced a confrontation with death and the grieving process firsthand will also find this book well worth the time. Finally, anyone with a general interest in transpersonal psychology, transformation, and the life-death process will find it worthwhile acquainting themselves with this research.”
Australian Journal of Parapsychology
Dr. Alexander De Foe
School of Health and Biomedical Sciences
Melbourne, Australia

“This book is a very welcome addition to the literature and I hope it is read and understood by all healthcare professionals especially those involved in end of life care.”
Dr. Penny Sartori
Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Swansea University
Wales, UK