Andalusia: History, Society and Diversity

A brilliant collective work that is undoubtedly the best published version of the analysis on the different aspects of the semi-peripheral condition of Andalusia. It is an obliged reference for understanding this region, proud of its mediterraneanity and that reconciles its common destiny with its multiple belongings to Spain, Europe and the world. This book constitutes a song to cultural diversity and Andalusian interculturality, that has to be completed, from now on, with blackness, with profound ethnical roots and contemporary presences. Reading it is a matter of urgency.

Mbuyi Kabunda Badi
Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Human Rights International Institute of Strasbourg

A thorough and courageous work analyzing the complex challenges that Andalusian society faces in this globalization era. This book provides the essential keys to understanding Andalusia, a community traditionally affected by its semi-peripheral position in the Spanish state…

Julio Perez Serrano
Professor in Contemporary History at the Universidad de Cádiz

Andalusia: History, Society and Diversity poses a complete and original analysis on Andalusian contemporary society. It is relevant research that turns this collective work into a fundamental reference for a public interested in gender, migrations or social exclusion issues in this region.

Severiano Rojo Hernandez
Professor at Aix Marseille Université